Directional Regulated Systems Inc. is the solution for industrial automation equipment needs.

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Welcome To Directional Regulated Systems, Inc.

Directional Regulated Systems provides full service in-house concept, design, manufacture and field installation of custom industrial automation equipment and systems. Our equipment offerings include; Part Feeding Systems, Custom Machines, Handling Systems, Part Marking Systems, Machine Tending Systems, Robotic Systems, Vision Inspection Systems and much more. We can feed, handle and inspect any part requirement you may have. Serving USA & Canada

Sampling of Parts Fed

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Sampling of Parts Fed: Axle Tubes, Ball Bearings, Ball Studs, Bearings, Bearing Caps, Bearing Race cups, Billets, Bolts, Clips, Connecting Rods, Cups, Cup Plugs, Flanged Bushings, Gears, Housing, Hubs, Impellers, Lifters, Pallets, Pinion Flanges, Pinion Gears, Primer Housing, Ring Gears, Seal Rings, Shafts, Side Gears, Socket Shells, Springs, Stampings, Studs, Tie Rods, Universal Joints, Wheel Hubs, Yokes And Much More ...

Sampling of Parts Handled

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Sampling of Parts Handled: Axle Shafts, Axle Tubes, Carrier, Center Support, Channel Plate, Connecting Rods, Drive and Driven Gears, Dust Covers, Flywheels, Gears, Hair Pins, Housing, Hubs, Lifters, Main Shaft and Balls, Pallets, Pinion Flanges, Pinion Gears, Primer Housing, Pump Core, Sabot, Seat Back and Springs, Shafts, Side Gears, Socket Shell Assemblies, Transmission Housing, Valves, Valve Bodies, Wheel Disks, Yokes And Much More ...

Sampling of Parts Inspected

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Sampling of Parts Inspected: Center Support with (3) Pin Air Gage. Channel Plate with 2-D code reader and machined features inspected. Drive and Driven Gears Gaging for mesh, run-out, nick. Filler Tube profile features inspection. Flanged Shaft inspect heat treat. Flywheel welds and run-out. Housing Snap Ring identified and seated, bearing pack identification. Main Shaft Ball Press with force and distance monitoring. Pump Core machining inspection. Seat Back Springs hooked. Side Gear radial orient prior to machining. Valve Body broken drill bits And Much More ...


Parts Feeders

Parts Feeders

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Parts Handling

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Directional Regulated Systems, Inc.

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